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Welcome to The SportScreen – Your Trusted Partner in Sports Training and Equipment.

At The SportScreen, we’re passionate about sports and dedicated to elevating athletes of all levels. Founded by Mark & Russ, fellow sports enthusiasts, our mission is to revolutionize training and empower you to reach your full potential.

With cutting-edge technology and a focus on quality, our innovative products are trusted by athletes worldwide. From the versatile SportScreen to golf simulator enclosures, each item is crafted with precision.

But we’re more than just equipment providers; we’re a community united by the pursuit of sports excellence. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, with exceptional service and training tips.

Join us and unleash your true potential. Together, let’s achieve greatness.

Believe to Achieve

The Idea

Born out of a love for sports and driven by the desire to create a high-intensity at-home training tool, The SportScreen quickly gained popularity among neighbours and friends. After years of research and development, we launched standardized sizes to meet the growing demand. Our patented technology not only handles the impact of real pucks but also ensures convenience for users of all ages. Join us and turn your driveway into the ultimate home training zone.

The Company

At The SportScreen, we pride ourselves on providing top quality sporting equipment. We want to help you protect your property and vehicles, while turning your driveway into the ultimate home training zone.

We design each SportScreen product with your end results in mind: to see dramatic improvements in your skills and abilities as athletes on the ice and on the field. Part of that is producing products that can withstand the toughest practice drills for years to come, which is why we stand by our personal risk-free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 2-Year Warranty.

100% Canadian

We are a Canadian company doing what Canadians do best: HOCKEY. However, we designed and manufacture The SportScreen to work for virtually any sport, with quality and durability in mind.

We source Canadian materials whenever possible, and the custom manufacturing process for The SportScreen takes place entirely in our state-of-the-art facility in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

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